Specialized Savings

Specialized Savings

At Mountain Valley Consulting Group, we recognize that saving money and optimizing financial performance are fundamental goals for companies of all sizes. That’s why our team of specialists offers custom strategies to help businesses reach these objectives. Through close collaboration with you and your organization, our experts assess opportunities to save money while maximizing efficiency – providing solutions tailored specifically towards your business requirements.

Accounts Payable Automation

Mountain Valley Consulting Group offers innovative solutions for accounts payable automation that can save companies time, money, and resources. Our integrated solutions are designed to work seamlessly with all major accounting systems so businesses can take advantage of automated payments without having to learn new programs. Companies also benefit from reduced fraud risks and improved visibility into their cash flow by automating finance processes such as payment approvals in real-time. Invest today in our cutting edge technology for a smarter financial future!

Class Action Claims

With our class action claims recovery service, businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to recoup lost funds. Our teams specialize in tactics to identify and benefit from settlements resulting from fraudulent business practices – such as false advertising or other illegal activities – that could have otherwise left their money unrecoverable.  We have worked on several different class actions totaling over $8 billion in potential recovery.

Employee Health Benefits – Billing Transparency

Businesses can depend on our employee health benefits billing transparency service to provide clear, accurate billing and claims information. This allows businesses to better understand their employee health benefit costs while facilitating negotiations for lower rates and identifying potential cost-saving opportunities.

Pay Any Day – Employee Digital Wallet

The Pay Any Day is a digital wallet platform provides your employees greater control over when they receive and access their pay. This can be beneficial to your business in several ways.

First, Pay Any Day can your company better manage your cash flow. By allowing your employees to choose when they receive their pay, your CFO can better predict and plan for their financial needs. This can be especially useful for if you company has fluctuating income or expenses, as it allows you to align their payroll with their financial needs.

Second, Pay Any Day can help you to attract and retain top talent. Many employees value the ability to have greater control over their financial lives, and the flexibility of Pay Any Day can be a strong selling point for job candidates. By offering this benefit to employees, you can differentiate your company from competitors and create a more attractive work environment.

Finally, Pay Any Day can help you to improve your relationships with your employees. By giving employees the power to choose when they receive their pay, you demonstrate a commitment to their financial well-being and create a sense of trust and partnership. This can lead to increased employee satisfaction and loyalty, which can in turn lead to improved business performance.

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Our specialized savings solutions are crafted to help companies supercharge their financial performance and streamline operations.

We offer several tailored solutions designed to save your company money.  Our services are transparent, you will see you savings every step of the way.

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